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Popular Fiber Cabling Connectors

    Fiber connectors are basically plugs joined to the end of a Fiber cable to make a Fiber connection.  There are different types of Fiber connectors available in the market and we will showcase some of the most popular connectors from all major manufacturers such as Corning, Belden, Hubbell, Commscope, Siemon, Panduit, Leviton and more. CORNING

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    Fiber Optic Cabling

      Today’s data-centres and large offices are much reliant on fiber-optic cabling networks to transfer large packets of the data packets. Fiber-optic lines are thin flexible transparent strands of optically pure silica glass or plastic used to transport digital data via a light source. These strands are typically smaller in diameter than a human hair. A

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      Types of Fiber Optic Cables

        Fiber is becoming increasing popular in Canada due to it’s data carrying speed and reliability. Fiber cables comes in various categories primarily having 4¬†distinguishing factors: Single Mode Fiber Multiple Mode Fiber Outdoor Indoor Fiber comes with various characteristics:   MIC Tight-Buffered Cable, Riser, 1/6/12/24/38/72/96/144 fiber, Single-mode MIC Tight-Buffered Cable, Riser, 1/6/12/24/38/72/96/144 fiber, Multi-mode MIC Tight-Buffered

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        Edmonton to be first Gigabit City in Canada

          Telus a leading Telecom Giant in Canada has announced it’s plan to make Edmonton Canada’s first Gigabit city providing high speed Fibre optic connectivity to around 90% of the resident. The company plan to invest $1 billion to lay Fibre networks all across the city making it Gigabit-Enable and providing 150 megabits per second right

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