FAQ CablingCanada

Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions

Our Customers have lots of questions about our services, the type of cabling they should use and also questions such as coverage area etc. We have tried to answer most common asked questions. Please feel free to contact us at if you have any other question which has not been addressed.

About Us?

Cabling Canada is a part of Synergy IT, a leading IT Network company in the Toronto Area serving small to large enterprise customers since 1995.  

What Services do we provide?

Being a leading low Voltage company, we offer complete Structured cabling services across Canada that includes Networking and Phone Cabling, Fiber Optic Installation and maintenance services. For complete details on our services, kindly visit our Cabling Services page

How is your pricing?

Due to bulk cabling jobs we do, we have the access to the best pricing for cabling material including wires, jacks and other day to day products. This helps us give you the best price on installation services.

Do you also provide ongoing maintenance?

Yes, we do provide ongoing maintenance and support services once the project is completed. This means even if you have the requirement for 1 or 2 drops, we can send our Cabling techs same day if needed.  

Should I use Cat5e or cat6?

The usage depends upon your environment and data requirement. For complete info, please visit our Cabling blog.  

Do I need Plenum cable?

You only need plenum if you are running the cable in HVAC air spaces. Plenum cable is only used in air spaces where they may potentially be a fire – the plenum doesn’t create toxic gas if the cable burns.  

What is maximum specified Distance for Cat5e cable?

The maximum specified distance for Cat5 cable is 100m or approximately 300 feet. Solid core has less attenuation than stranded cable.