Fluke Networks a leading Network Testing equipment company has introduced LinkSprinter, a pocket-sized network tester that identifies Ethernet problems in less than nine seconds. Fluke claims that this one-button tester integrates with a user’s mobile device and automatically stores test data in the cloud. There are 2 versions of this Tester. Both conduct one-button autotests on power (PoE), link, switch, DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), and gateway connections. It conducts the five tests and displays results in color-graded LEDs, automatically reporting results to Fluke Networks Cloud Service and is priced at $199. The other model LinkSprinter 200 is priced at $299, has all the capabilities of the 100 model as well as a built-in WiFi hotspot and Web server, and delivers diagnostic details to a user’s mobile device. The LinkSprinter Cloud Service comes free with each unit for the first 120 days. Simply connect your LinkSprinter to a network and the test sequence begins automatically.