Patch Panel

Patch panel plays a very important role in Network cabling. Patch panel can be described as a patch bay having multiple units of Network jacks stacked together in row to connect and route network data.

Different Ports

Patch panel comes usually in the following count of ports

  • 12 port
  • 24 port
  • 48 port
  • 96 port
  • Feed through Patch panels

Cable Type

  • Category 7A Patch panels
  • Category 6A Patch Panels
  • Category 6 Patch Panels
  • Category 5e Patch Panels
  • Fiber Patch Panels

Based on the wire management and Server rack, they are also defined by U’s

  • 1U Blank Patch Panels
  • 2U Blank Patch Panels
  • 3U Blank Patch Panels

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