We supply and install all major brands of Paging and Audio systems for commercial businesses in and around the Toronto Area.  Whether you are moving to a new place or need to upgrade your sound system, we can help you design and set up your sound system to make sure the messages are heard to every nook and corner.



Design and Installation of paging systems include the following:

  • Paging Horns and Speakers
  • Ceiling Speakers
  • Outdoor Speakers
  • Hanging Pendant Speakers
  • Paging Horns
  • Amplified Paging Speakers
  •  Music System Design and Deployment
  • Intercom and Phone cabling
  • Paging Cabling
  • Bogen Paging System

Get the job done from Professionals who know the industry. We provide clear labeling, detailed installation instructions, and even qualified installation technicians wherever required. Contact us for full range of Sound System installation services for your paging system or public address.