Do you have a business and looking to install Security camera system in your premises? Cabling Canada can help you get the best value by offering Security Camera installation Services in and around the Toronto area.

Common Security Cameras Locations

We install and configure all types of security Cameras for business. Some of the most common destination or location for security camera included the following:

  • Entrance: We install long range Camera for extended distances
  • Lobby: Panaromic View and excellent HD details
  • Hallway: True, clear image with Ture WDR Camera
  • Corridor: The corridor Cameras can rotate and capture full size videos
  • Server/Security room: High def video with months of recording available
  • Parking Lot: The cameras at parking lots are able to capture and track moving objects and the cameras are able to capture even the licence plates for clear identification.
  • Warehouse: Warehouse Cameras offer auto intruder alerts and clear recording to avoid any theft or accident.
  • Side door: Our high quality HD PTZ  ensure maximum safety for the side door camera installation
  • Reception: keep a track of visitors at the reception area with our long range HD cameras.


Type of security Cameras

We have stocks for hundreds of security cameras for all locations and security requirements. Here is a list of some of our most popular Security Cameras used by various businesses.

  • People Counting Camera: want to track the footfall or need to count the number of people? we have the popular cameras ideal for Business strategic Analytics
  • Fisheye Cameras
  • Pinhole cameras
  • IP PTZ Cameras: Excellent for Patrolling and watching poeple
  • Vandal-Proof Indoor Dome IP Cameras
  • Outdoor Bullet IP Camera
  • Fixed Lens IR Turret Camera
  • VF Lens IR Bullet Camera
  • Motorized lens HD-TVI Cameras
  • HD-TVI Covert Camera
  • Fixed Lens IR Dome
  • Fixed Lens IR Bullet
  • HD-TVI PTZ Camera
  • HD-TVI License Plate camera