Toronto is one of the largest cities in Canada and ever since its inception hundreds of years ago it has managed to have a continued growth. With more and more services being offered here and a massive tech revolution, there’s no denying that having the best possible structured cabling services Toronto is mandatory, no matter if you are a home or business user.

Communication is the key to success and without it you won’t really have the ability to access the results you want. It’s all about attention to detail, quality and results and with high quality structured cabling services Toronto you will have the ability to deliver the best results and an outstanding experience to your users.

Offering better accessibility

When you need to select internet or phone cabling then you need to make sure that you understand the various types of network wiring that you can access and the benefits that each one of them tends to offer. Our company can help you with a multitude of structured cabling services Toronto, and we can work with Cat 6, Cat 6a, Cat 5e as well as fiber optic cable. It all comes down to the needs of your business, budget and the speed you can obtain but the results will be amazing in the end.

Fiber optic cables can transmit info via the Ethernet network but the overall cabling is not the same, in fact the Ethernet ones use copper whereas fiber optic uses plastic or glass that make it easy to send the light signals. Because of that, some Ethernet is faster than fiber optic even if the range of the latter can 30 times higher at times.


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