With the introduction of online backups and Ultra HD video streaming, the internet bandwidth has become even more critical. Cat6A Cabling has the solution to the current and future level of Internet speeds. Category 6A ensures that your installation will be prepared to run all data rates up to and including 10 gigabits per second. Cat6 A has enjoyed major success and acceptance in last 2 years as it is capable of 10GBASE-T which is the next level of Wireless speed. The new Cat 6A standard extends the frequency of Cat 6A cables to 500 MHz and includes specifications for a new performance parameter known as Alien Crosstalk (ANEXT). Category 6A cables are fully backward compatible with all the previous categories, including Category 6 and 5e. The incredible performance and speed capability has made Cat6A a popular choice in the Structured Cabling Industry. If you are looking for a new installation or a quote for cat6A cabling, contact us. Choose if you need Fiber or Copper cabling.